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       We can offer the best price in both classic cars and classic motorcycles.
      We also have many  special products that make the difference
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      Besides our customers speak for themselves: Custormer feedbak

      Classic cars

      Since we’ve always offered
      the best insurance
      for your classic.
      Find and contract
      You’ll be surprised!



      Classic MotorBikes

      Make sure your classic bike with
      the necessary guarantees
      and an unbeatable price.
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Special Products

Never Classic Cars, had been so good secured.

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    Accident driver

    The best complement
    insurance for your vehicle.

      We assure for 250.000 €.
    24 hours every day of the week while driving any vehicle.
    Call , our specialists will help you

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    Exclusively for specialists.

    Organizers shows, sporting events, transporters classic, restorers, museums ...

    Call , our specialists will help you

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    Rally driver

    In Classic Cover
    like the rallys.

    We created a new insurance for classic rally pilots.
    Call , our specialists will help you

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    For clubs and associations
    bonus your help

    Insurance essential
    for Clubs classic cars.

    Call , our specialists will help you

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